segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2010

Update your life

Stay close.
Say it.
Never hide.
Make new friends.
Teach the new guys.
Don't let it go.
Learn from the past.
Keep it fresh.
Eat chocolate.
Pursuit your dreams.
Play some music.
Be moral.
Get up and get some fresh air.
Share memories.
Take the chance.
Be honest.
Be creative.
Change it.
Sing like you mean it.
Surprise your friends.
Write a letter.
Pay attention to the lyrics.
Say how much you love him/her.
Keep on moving.
Enjoy it.
Spread love.
Dance like you've never danced before.
Open your eyes.
Give a new chance.
Do something crazy.
Take a memorable picture.
Fight for it.
Lie down on the green grass.
Find within beaty.
Write poetry.

Go, and be happy.

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Pedro disse...

Que novo layout tão interessante. Parabéns.